Janet Rühl and Arnd Müller work together since 1999. Their whole work is stamped by an authentic expression of an artistic work on the stage. They created 25 contemporary dance pieces which were shown in many countries and were distinguished with prices.


The recent dance performance: "THE WHITE PIECE"


Videos of the latest presentacions:



The developement to the music is a step which already stood out for many years in the dance pieces. Arnd Müller composed the soundtrack for many pieces and Janet Rühl stamped with her song voice some of the choreography decisively. So, for example, Sangre Verde – Grünes Blut, Twisted & Turned or particularly the performance VOICE + completely based on the voice and live electro acoustic music.


After a longer phase of the retreat, study and meditation how to continue the creative work the idea of Song of the Planets - Compositions of the Moment was originated.


Voice studies, overtone singing, instrument making, harmony apprenticeship, research of electric-acoustic sound synthesis in the live application and the wish to let the audience participate in the inexhaustible sound from all and everything, form the base of the concerts.


From the dance to the music; directness, presence and uniqueness remain.