Song of the Planets
Song of the Planets
Compositions of the moment 

Voice, Monochord, Sounds: Janet Rühl

Electroacoustic, Voice, Didgeridoo: Arnd Müller


From a philosophical – spiritual background strives the music of SonusDos to a fusion of the physical, emotional and mental. Freely from limiting notation and structuring rhythm, the duet in the concerts creates sound rooms which take the listener on a trip, beyond the thinking and analyzing. Starting point is the silence and the very own view of the world as a sound. From the totality of the sound in all and everything the musicians scoop for the concerts from the sound wealth of the infinity.


For the realisation SonusDos uses self contrived stringed and wind instruments which are accompanied by electro-acoustic equipment consisting of calculator, microphones and software for the sound synthesis. The sound centre are, nevertheless, the voices of Janet Rühl and Arnd Müller, among the rest, qualified in overtone singing, stamp the feeling and mood of the respective piece or the improvisations. It is difficult to determine whether it concerns with the respective pieces improvisation or composition. From the experience the musicians use consciously and decided the sound material of the instruments and use her voices in addition to make the respective moment, the sound of the moment, audible.


Spherical sound worlds, soulful mixtures of sounds of the overtone instruments and the electro-acoustic and the dramatizing and moving voices create a unique hearing experience. The digital sound synthesis uses as a base only sounds and noises of the instruments and voices. The finely reproduction of these digital sounds occurs about a high-quality chain of signal to amplifire and loudspeakers with an extremely wide frequency close to the sound of the instruments and voices.


Harmonies beyond the hearing habits extend the feeling for beauty in areas which leave behind the conventional far. The effect from oscillation on body, feeling and mind is given and a stimulation and suggestion just of these levels is welcome by the music of SonusDos.